Patient and enthusiastic

"Tom is a great music teacher. He's taught our three kids keyboard and guitar, and catered for their different learning styles. He's patient and enthusiastic and it's so wonderful to hear music through the house during the morning lessons."

- KD, Fitzroy VIC

from the kids: 

"Tom is patient" - Finlay, aged 11

"Tom is awesome!" - Maggie, aged 6

Endearing and positive

"Tom is an exceptional piano teacher who immediately engages each student because of his warm, endearing and positive approach. Every lesson my children achieve a new level of success and are then motivated to challenge and extend themselves in their practice ready for the next lesson. Tom strikes the perfect balance between traditional, skill development, contemporary music and allowing genuine creativity to flourish. 

Finding an educator of Tom's capacity is a rarity and if you are wanting to establish a life-long passion for learning to play music in your child, then Tom is the teacher you need."

- KW, Fairfield VIC (ages 6 and 11)

Music that appeals to the student

"Tom is very easy to have visit our home to teach our daughter. He's friendly and reliable, prompt and a very skilled teacher who finds music that appeals to the student. In our case, Christmas Carols!"

- CH, Collingwood VIC (age 10)

Works to strengths and learning styles

"Tom has reignited my daughter's enthusiasm for learning piano by listening to her interests and making her lessons work to her strengths and learning style. She is experiencing success and that's a great motivator!"

- LG, Fitzroy VIC (age 10)

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