The travelling music tutor

 I offer families the opportunity to experience guitar and piano lessons in the ease and comfort of the students' home. 

In my experience over the years as a travelling music tutor and working in schools, I have found that kids are a lot more comfortable and tend to learn faster when I teach at their homes rather than in a school or studio environment.

I currently travel to:

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In-home Guitar and Piano lessons

Piano lessons


Piano lessons with me will have students learning music through repertoire, music theory, composition and improvisation, providing a broad understanding of their instrument, and allowing them to experiment and create as they go. They will be exposed to a variety of styles and genres while having the freedom to follow their own interests and musical goals. 

Guitar Lessons


In guitar lessons, students receive a well rounded education in playing and theory, with a big focus on folk and contemporary music. Being classically trained as well as having experience in both solo and band projects, I expose students to various techniques, encouraging them to explore and pursue their musical interests.    

Why learn music?


Music lessons from a young age has so many amazing benefits for a child's development, and will provide many years of musical enjoyment. Studies have time and again proven how effective music lessons are in improving literacy, numeracy, critical thinking and goal achieving. 

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