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Hi there!

I’ve been teaching piano, guitar and ukulele around Melbourne since 2011. 

From kindergarten song circle to primary school programs and private in-home lessons; from toddlers to teenagers, I always try to provide students with a positive learning experience that incorporates creativity and musical autonomy. Because every student is different, every lesson is different. 

My mantra has always been to give students the skills and frameworks to allow them to make music on their own terms and create from the heart. 

Through the study of repertoire, improvisation, composition and music theory, students develop a comprehensive understanding and connection to music that will grow as they grow.


My Philosophy

Music is more than just the notes we play; its about expression, and sharing. It's about creativity and analytical thinking, and developing skills for a lifetime. 

I aim to teach creatively, and foster a love for music through repertoire, composition, improvisation and performance.

Being a multi-instrumentalist myself, I encourage exploration of all musics, and believe that a good foundation in one instrument can lead to a greater understanding of all. 

To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable - Ludwig van Beethoven


My Lessons

I offer private in-home piano lessons and guitar lessons for kids and adults of all ages. I endeavor to engage students in their learning, and allow them to pursue and achieve their own goals, while scaffolding a comprehensive tuition in both practice and theory of music. 

I like to use games and activities to make learning more meaningful, and encourage creativity and exploration through improvisation and composition; music needs to be meaningful to the student. 


I've worked with students in performance and audition preparation and have successfully guided several through AMEB exams in both piano and classical guitar.

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